Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz is a respectable and traditional boarding school in an exceptional region, founded in 1904. Similarly, the architecture of the school is rather notable, with large-scale buildings situated on the ground plan of green areas used mainly as sport fields as sport is narrowly linked to the school life.

Therefore, we conceive the task of the enlargement of the school with a new dormitory as an invitation to respect tradition while enriching it with innovation with the respect of contemporary architecture.

Our principle target is seeking harmony, unifying elements and the creation of an integrated unit.

  • Location

  • Zuoz, Switzerland
  • Project works

  • 2009

The location of the dormitory in a slope and its size roughly correspond with the existing building at the premises. Thus, its basic articulation is inspired by their architecture – a stone base, a central plaster-coat part with a frame of windows with window shutters and a roof placed directly over the last row of windows.

Three main facades are specific for rows of irregularly placed windows complemented with shade screens – frames on rails with a filling of an industrial semitransparent textile for external use. Together, they form a mosaic changing in time. The materials used on the building are otherwise traditional – stone, plaster, and copper sheets for roof.

Most rooms have the same lay-out, although the windows in each of them are placed differently. This composition is to point out that the students live in a community and are guided to share the same conditions although every one of them needs individual attention.

On the whole, the dormitory should make an impression of optimistic, simple and inspirational architecture providing sane living space for housing and education.

The entrances and surrounding area form an important aspect of the design. The entrances are designed so as to directly tie with the adjoining land, excluding long staircases and ramps. Vertical communications are situated inside the building.

The surroundings of the building should allow for free and safe circulation of children especially in the direction towards the existing buildings and in the area between the new dormitory and rector’s premises. The present road to the back yard is designed as a heavy pavement. It can be used for cars, too, but the principal general access road is newly designed in the eastern direction. For the same reason, the indoor connection route is designed as a glassed gallery on the 2nd floor.

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