The kindergarten in Čelákovice is designed for 84 children. The building, located in the immediate vicinity of the town centre, makes use of the pedestrian connection to the urban park and a spatial link to the existing Municipal Children and Youth Centre.


  • Location

  • Čelákovice
  • Project works

  • 2013 - 2014

The architecture is based on the place morphology. The building mass is aligned with the cadastral and natural boundary at the north of the plot, where the Čelákovický brook runs, separating the kindergarten from the urban park. The longer façade of the building directly follows the plot boundary and is integrated in the existing fencing wall.

The two-storey building is divided in terms of operation and layout into 3 wings, each containing one section for the children. The play and work rooms face the garden via large glazed areas, enabling maximum contact with the exterior. In contrast with the openness to the garden, the north façade by the urban park is more seclusive, and the boundary between the outside and the protected inside is underlined by a playful curve of multi-coloured window openings.

The façades have a bright plaster in combination with wooden panelling. The building has protruding membrane roof shelters, introducing a dynamic aspect to the simple mass of the building. The shelters underline the main traffic axis, provide a symbolic and aesthetic connection between the designed kindergarten and the neighbouring Children and Youth Centre, and last but not least, contribute to the interior comfort by shading the glazed areas.

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Hollarovo nám. 2275/2
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