Today, the public space delimited by the Mánes Bridge, Cihelná Street and the Vltava embankment is an unorganized area rather than a park. In the part oriented to the river, somewhat more tidy and greener, supplemented by furniture, in the part adjacent to the building of the former armory, but devalued by numerous hikes and the absence of a skeleton of greenery or architectural division. The part facing the Mánes Bridge has a similar effect.

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  • Praha 1
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  • 2017-2021
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  • MČ Praha 1

And yet it is an extremely attractive place, a destination for visits and stops for the inhabitants of the city district. The park is to undergo a fundamental change after the construction of the section of the backbone cycle path passing under the bridge in the direction from Straka’s Academy and continuing into U Lužického semináře Street. At the same time, it gives the opportunity to impress the space with a clear organization and character. The trail of the cycle path, together with the walking route, runs along the edge of the Vltava embankment, is lined with greenery and furniture, and its width provides a sufficient degree of safety for the simultaneous operation of pedestrians and cyclists. Thanks to this modification, the rest of the park can be cleaned, consolidated, and the greenery and areas of residential lawns supplemented. The inner skeleton formed by narrow pedestrian paths then underlines the recreational character of the park. For better access, in addition to the existing entrances, a staircase from the foot of the bridge is added, while a technical barrier prevents the passage of the park for cyclists in the direction from Klárov. The place will no longer be a crossroads, but a full-fledged city park in an attractive location.

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Hollarovo nám. 2275/2
130 00 Praha 3 – Vinohrady
50°4'37.402"N 14°28'38.598"E

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