A simple assignment to modernise a press centre. The existing space turned out to be totally inadequate, both technically and in the room layout and aesthetic impression. It was decided that a total renovation be made.

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  • Praha 1
  • Realization

  • 2012
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  • 2012

The new design respects above all the purpose of the space. The podium for speakers has been shifted from the long side of the room to the front, the camera posts have been moved, and the seating for journalists has been rearranged. The space design is very simple, and all the accents draw the attention of visitors to the lecterns. The suspended ceiling, made of white Barrisol (an evenly backlit sheet), fluently transitions into a screen wall behind the lecterns. The screen wall also hides the rear entrance for the speakers and makes room for the rear projection equipment behind the stage (this is modern equipment enabling projection on the Barrisol sheet from behind, without disturbing the room with the installation of a projector or projection screen).

The interior is rendered in pale brown-grey shades: wall paint, Marmoleum flooring, chairs for journalists, textile window blinds, screens made of clear glass, etc. The only colour accents in the interior, making reference to the purpose of the room, are the red logo of the Capital City of Prague printed directly on the Barrisol sheet, and the coat of arms of Prague along with a list of all its mayors on the long walls, cut from coloured Plexiglas.

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Hollarovo nám. 2275/2
130 00 Praha 3 – Vinohrady
50°4'37.402"N 14°28'38.598"E

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