Our project of restoring the passage at the Vltava near Novotného lávka at the site known as “čapadlo”, referring to the fact that timber rafting occurred here in the past, was prepared over a number of years. It relates to the idea of connecting the city and river, and in this it is one of a number of similar projects set up and being set up at various sites in Prague. This site at the end of Karolíny Světlé street used to comprise the remains of soil positioned there upon completion of the regulation of Smetana riverbank, soil which also concealed its original form, with the mentioned former passage to the Vltava also eventually disappearing. Its reopening is linked to the creation of a new public leisure space featuring water and greenery. The project also builds on the recent revitalisation of the so-called “Anenský Triangle” area, which involved the restoration of the Betlémské náměstí and Anenské náměstí squares, alongside the renovation of adjacent streets, emphasising improved passageway and pedestrian movement.

The project is currently ready for implementation of its first phase, which involves the creation of a new square with fountain and tree, while maintaining the current maple tree with root ball at Smetana riverbank.


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  • Prague 1
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  • 2016 - 2017
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Hollarovo nám. 2275/2
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