Prague City Council’s Meeting Room is an important place where decisions are made on future developments and plans within the City of Prague, and this should be reflected in its architectural design. The original appearance of the room and adjacent rooms, which are also part of the design (entrance hall, reception, cloakroom and dining room) date back to the 1970s when the interior was from today’s perspective forcibly remodelled in line with trends of the time (large flat veneer chipboard interior cladding now markedly darkened, imposing dark brown cushioned seating, etc.), while over the years poorly conceived additions were made (monitor stands, rattan chairs and a kitchenette in the dining room, etc.). Our design involved adding space and light to the room, and was undertaken to reflect the importance of this space.

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  • 2018
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The central feature of the meeting room is the unconventional set of desks, with bent plywood walnut veneer / bent artificial stone. The same veneer is used on the chairs and hanging lamps. Another feature which has a major impact on the design’s appearance is the areas of transparent screens (fabric) lit up by dimmable LED bulbs. This particular feature is used both in the suspended ceiling where it will secure much of the interior’s lighting (the dimmable LED bulbs are controlled by light intensity sensors – when there is a drop in the intensity of natural sunlight during meetings, e.g. in the evening, this system will ensure the lighting level will remain the same), and also in the wall at the head of the desks where it will provide backlighting to the City of Prague coat of arms. In addition to the suspended ceiling lighting, there will also be the hanging lamps already mentioned, subtly adding to the interior, and not filling up space as the current round frosted glass lamps do. In place of the current veneer chipboard interior wall cladding, acoustic tiles with wooden battens are fitted, and painted a light colour.

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