A feasibility study offers a solution for developing the investor’s plot, while giving consideration existing structures as well as the locality’s future development. The project is situated in a Prague district named Hostivař, at the intersection of Švehlova, Hostivařská, and Hornoměcholupská Streets.

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  • Praha 10
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  • 2016 - 2020

An important part of the project is the pedestrian connection between Švehlova Street (tram and bus stop) and the residential district along Daliborova Street. Moreover, it is one of the main motives of our design, as we believe that it ought to be preserved and even enhanced. The pedestrian traffic routes are based on hitherto existing pedestrian paths, e.g., from the bus stop at the garden shop and from street crossing at the tram stop. Although the entire length of these routes is suitable for the handicapped, we are unable to adhere to the required gradients due to great height differences.

The connection divides the plot into two parts, where we plan to build two primarily apartment buildings. On the eastern side, we add a block, actually a vacant lot, the shape of which copies a mild bend along Hostivařská and Švehlova Streets. On the western side, we erect a solitaire building that fits the somewhat loose layout of the buildings there. Their orientation follows the direction towards Měcholupský Potok [Creak], thus optically complementing the developed area. No other structures are planned along Švehlova Street – the gardening shop’s narrow lot is zoned as filling vegetation. This positioning is nothing new in this developed area, as even older buildings are oriented diagonally towards Švehlova Street.

In order to underline the importance of the pedestrian connection, we create a landscaped area, i.e., the plaza, between the two buildings. The plaza does not border on Švehlova Street directly –it is separated from it by means of multi-levelled sections and wooden plant pots in order to minimize noise and dust pollution. A functional model and live example of this solution can be found in the area of Šesťák at Vítězné Náměstí in Dejvice. The ground level of the eastern part of the building consists of commercial premises facing the new parterre. Ideally, it could be used for gastronomic purposes, such as a restaurant, café, bakery, or similar facility. The higher floor levels of the eastern building are planned for apartments, whereas the whole western building will be residential.

The height of the eastern building levels with the existing buildings at Hostivařská Street, whereby it is assumed that additions will be eventually built onto the neighboring building in the future. Actually, we consider the area of the intersection of the streets and the creak historically important as it is a crossing point of the town’s “energy streams”. Švehlova Street is lined with common high-rise buildings. Two new buildings protect the residential district from the noisy Švehlova Street.

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