The Pomezní Bouda in Horní Malá Úpa is a traditional stopover place on the Czech-Polish border on when ascending Sněžka. With their character and traditional protected settlement structure, the Eastern Krkonoše Mountains are among the most authentic places in Bohemia.

  • Location

  • Horní Malá Úpa, Krkonoše
  • Project works

  • 2018 - 2019

The task to extend the original building is small in size but all the more interesting for the search for its architectural form. The theme of a Krkonoše chalet built on a slope with entrance for inhabitants from below and a work access from the slope to the attic is transformed into a simple form of a house with a saddle roof situated parallel with the Pomezní Bouda roof ridge. It sits over a stone ground floor with shops facing the main border road, and is situated freely on the slope facing the road to Jelenka with a direct access to the ground, providing close contact with the country for its inhabitants. The analogy with a Malá Úpa hay house is emphasised by using two elementary materials: dark metal roofing folded into randomly wide strips matched with wooden frames of the strip of windows facing the street and a wooden portal facing the meadow behind the house. At the same time, the roof overhang over the ground floor level makes a traditional doorstep area, protecting the entrances to the house and the shop, and the parterre has a stone pavement made of split sets overgrown with grass, providing access to the municipal street pavement.

The new building by Pomezní Bouda is a contribution of modern architecture with traditional roots to development of the area, as well as conversion of late 20th century utility annexes to a meaningful structure ending the settlement of Horní Malá Úpa towards the national border.

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