This house is one of a row of 22 houses which are together considered to form a residential estate on the central road in Nebušice linking the centre of the municipality and the international school. Its size and shape are based on the zoning decision regulatory principles.

  • Location

  • Praha 6
  • Realization

  • 2015 - 2016
  • Project works

  • 2014 - 2015
  • Cooperation on projects

  • Marek Tichý
  • Petr Houška
  • Pavlína Ilko

The building complies with the valid zoning decision issued for the construction of 22 residential houses in the ‘Malá Pachmanka’ location, Nebušice.

The house’s architecture is basically a copy of an archetypal traditional rural home with the gable of the gable roof perpendicular to the street. The base thus created is then continued with a simple wooden block which runs around from the west and south and is divided up into many windows and recessed balconies. The house is divided into two parts in order to maintain proportions, to underscore its moderation and respect to the surrounding buildings. This is further stressed in the way the layout is organised. Auxiliary facilities and the staircase are located towards the north, i.e. towards the street. Here, the facade is broken up by informally positioned smaller apertures. The larger mass towards the west and south are in contrast marked by the main living section focused on the garden linked to the Šárecké údolí protected reserve. The materials used in the house construction are traditional and timeless plaster, wood and stone. An important part of the composition is the already mentioned garden, sloping down from north to south, in the same manner as the whole of the house’s longitudinal axis.

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Hollarovo nám. 2275/2
130 00 Praha 3 – Vinohrady
50°4'37.402"N 14°28'38.598"E

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