Na Poříčí – revitalisation of city shopping street. The idea of redeveloping this major city thoroughfare came about back in 2009. After years of discussions over specifications and the street’s final appearance, the project was awarded to TaK Architects, who were highly involved in defining the changes. Documents for planning permission were completed in 2021, and the consultation process is currently underway.If it all works out to plan, permission could be granted in early 2022, with the assumption that this will lead directly on to implementation of the investment plan (source: JEDNA, monthly magazine produced by Prague 1 council, April 2021).

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  • 2009

Historically, Na Poříčí is one of the most important city boulevards on which important buildings and palaces home to stores, culture and public government were erected, and which remain today icons of modern architecture. The idea of the planned redevelopment is to highlight the exceptional value of the site, and to adapt and add to the public space in order to eliminate traffic accidents and increase the residential value of the entire location. Emphasis is placed on pedestrian movement, widening pavements, adding greenery, lighting, street furniture and water features. There is also a marked reduction in traffic flow, in particular transit traffic flow. This will be redirected to surrounding streets. The overall calming and restoration of the shopping and social environment should be complemented by a separately designed layer of urban art.  As well as support from Prague 1 and Prague City Council, the revitalisation project is also heavily focused on by the GoFlorenc initiative, supported by major business groups, the Prague 1 Chamber of Commerce and local residents. All this augurs well for the project being completed in the foreseeable future, a project whose conception was accompanied by long and responsible participation efforts in finding a definitive solution.

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